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Our Zinkerz Online Educators (ZOE) platform offers you personalized online lessons with our own expert SAT® and ACT® test tutors. Each session is fueled by our adaptive, data-driven content -- and is tailored to your specific strengths, difficulty levels, and study habits. Let our team of researchers, educators, and pedagogical experts direct your path.

How It Works

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  • Book an initial meeting
  • Discuss your goals and ambitions
  • Understand the Zinkerz way of teaching

Complete Your Assessments

  • Complete a short diagnostic test.
  • Receive a personalized study path based on your assessments.
  • Get paired with an expert Zinkerz Online Educator.

Connect with your Zinkerz Online Educator

  • Join your educator through our interface
  • Enjoy full audio, screen sharing and drawing capabilities
  • Take advantage of your educator's expertise

Start Your Adaptive Path

  • Explore your structured lesson path
  • Master the material with personalized lectures and exercises
  • Maximize your growth with targeted and adaptive lessons

In-depth Performance Analysis and Feedback

  • Receive continuous performance and score reports
  • Visualize your progress as you improve
  • Collect detailed written feedback from your educator after each lesson

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