July 8th - July 21st, 2024 at Boston, MA

ZinkerzCamp Students Get Over 30% Score BOOST In Just Two-Weeks

A Boston Experience That Prepares Your Child for College and Beyond

Welcome to ZinkerzCamp

We’ve cracked the code to skyrocketing SAT scores in just two weeks.

Nestled in the heart of Boston, ZinkerzCamp combines razor-sharp test prep strategies with the thrill of exploring one of America’s most historic cities.


average SAT score increase throughout camp


universities visited


countries represented by past campers


student motivation towards the future after camp

Boost Your Scores in Just Two Weeks

Our two-week camp doesn’t just promise higher test scores—we deliver them, with students seeing an average increase of over 30%.

Why ZinkerzCamp? Because we mix expert tutoring with fun, real-world learning. Your child will get personalized test prep and explore Boston, turning study time into an adventure. It’s effective, proven, and enjoyable.

The ZinkerzCamp Advantage


How it Works

What Parents Have to Say about ZinkerzCamp

How You Can Get Started

What Do They Learn?

Small group classes target specific areas for improvement while teaching tips and tricks to master the exam. 

3 Full Mock Tests

taken in camp

6 Hours of Classes per Day

with expert educators

7 Students per Class

grouped based on performance

Expert Staff

100% Customized Tracking

Our educators guide students through the classes and focus on test-specific strategies. We have an exclusive tracking algorithm that allows students to examine their results in real time so they always know how they are improving.

See all correct and incorrect answers on each exam

Get estimated score ranges for exams and its sections

Stay informed on specific areas for improvement

Access progress reports via smartphone

College & University Visits

Our tours offer students a chance to experience a plethora of campus options to discover what appeals most to them.

Meet new people
from around the world


Small groups foster strong bonds

Regrouping classes expands exposure to other students from various backgrounds

A variety of activities offers different opportunities to connect with others

Past students were from:





South Africa




Costa Rica


Dominican Republic





Explore all that Boston has to offer

Learn about the history of Boston and explore educational, challenging, and fun activities in the area.
ZinkerzCamp: College Journey has something for everyone, from sporting events to escape room challenges.


Our Students Have Been Admitted to

Worldwide Admission Rate
Zinkerz Student Admission Rate
University of Pennsylvania
Georgetown University
New York University
Northwestern University
University of Michigan

This is not your typical SAT camp



What is the price for ZinkerzCamp?

We offer flexible pricing options to suit your needs:

  • Pay in Full: $8,400.00
  • Pay in 2 installments: $4,200.00
  • Pay in 3 installments: $2,800.00

    You can select the payment plan that aligns best with your budget and preferences.
What is the price for Zinkerz test prep lessons?

Our test prep lessons start at $85 – $120 per hour.

For detailed pricing tailored to your specific requirements, please schedule a call with our team, and we’ll be happy to provide a personalized quote.

What is the price for Zinkerz Counseling

Our counseling packages are priced between $8,000 and $14,000.

To receive a detailed quote, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team. During this session, we’ll discuss your specific goals and how our services can best support you.

What makes Zinkerz stand out in college admissions?

Zinkerz boasts a 100% success rate of gaining admission to at least one of the top three college choices. Our students have been accepted into prestigious institutions like Yale, Washington University, NYU, Duke, Cornell, USC, and more.

We offer personalized test prep and expert counseling to present students in the best possible light to admissions committees.

How effective is Zinkerz test prep?

Zinkerz’ approach delivers impressive results, with an average score boost of 350 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT.

Our data-driven progress tracking and targeted guidance ensure continuous improvement, preparing students for success on test day.

Is Zinkerz accessible to international students?

Absolutely. Zinkerz has a legacy of success spanning 105 countries. Our virtual platform allows us to support students globally, helping them navigate the college admissions process and achieve acceptance into their top-choice universities.

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