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Our TOEFL Prep platform provides all the tools you need to ace the test.
Thousands of questions to improve your skills.
Full practice tests to simulate the real TOEFL® experience.
Comprehensive tutorials to tackle the topics you struggle with.
Get your Estimated Score and track your improvement.
Next level prep with one of our expert TOEFL® educators.

Our software combines extensive data with an adaptive algorithm and a holistic approach to learning.

The result? We’ve created a smarter way for you to study for your next test.

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Our Zinkerz TOEFL® mobile apps allow you to keep up with
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Why is Zinkerz so Effective

Personalized Questions

Our adaptive technology zeroes in on the areas where you could improve your skills. It's like having a personal trainer for your mind.

Detailed Solutions

Detailed text explanations and video tutorials describing the best strategy for every practice question.

Score Estimator

Set goals and monitor your improvement: our platform continues to update your estimated score based on the questions you answer.

Comprehensive Tutorials

Master the material with detailed lectures and exercises that cover every question type of the exam.

Live Support

Ask us anything! Whether you’re stuck on a question or need extra help, our team is available to answer any questions you may have.


Learning shouldn’t break the bank. Our self-prep service cuts out the cost of books and private lessons to make getting the academic help you need simple and affordable

Prepare for the TOEFL® test with Zinkerz educators and web app. We can help you determine which section you need to practice the most, and give you the tools to help you achieve your highest score.

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Try it for 7 days for free! Sign up for free trial to know how our prep tool can help you.

Lifetime Access

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  • Over 1500 practice questions
  • Detailed Explanation for every question
  • 4 Full Test
  • 2 Mini Tests
  • Over 40 Detailed Tutorials


  • Free Diagnostic Test
  • Score Estimator
  • Speaking & Writing Response Evaluation
  • Lifetime access
  • +4 point score guarantee
  • Live chat & email assistance
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7-day Money Back Guarantee:
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This is my favorite TOEFL app -- it’s very organized and easy to use compared to other apps. I found it especially helpful for improving my listening and reading scores. Thanks for creating such a great tool :)

Helena R,102 on the TOEFL

I have tried many TOEFL books before and I can assure you that none of them work as well as Zinkerz. With the mobile and web version I was able to prepare for all the sections.

Mirta H,108 on the TOEFL

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?
It is 100% online. There are no DVDs or books. It works on both laptops and desktops via your browser.
How does the refund policy work?
If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, email us within 7 days of purchasing, and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.
How does the score guarantee work?
ß After completing our Pro program, we guarantee at least a 4-point increase over your old scores. If not, we will give you a full refund. Click here for more info.

Score Improvement Guarantee

Improve your TOEFL® score by at least 4 points or get your money back.

Score Improvement Guarantee

  • If you have Pro access, we guarantee a 4-point increase in your overall score.


  • You must have taken the exam before.
  • Your old score must be less than 3 years old.
  • Email us a copy of your old score report to when you purchase your Pro access.
  • Complete all of Zinkerz practice questions in Workouts, Tests, and Tips & Tricks.
  • Complete all tutorials in Tips & Tricks.
  • Go over the written solution for each question you got wrong.
Studying for the TOEFL® requires a lot of hard work so we require you put all the necessary effort to make sure you improve. We know our tools will get you there, so if you’ve completed all of the above materials just email us and we will give you your money back.
Questions? Contact us through live chat, email, or call us!
How close is the material to the actual TOEFL?
Very close. Our experienced educators make sure to develop content and material based on data and research. Each question is carefully drafted taking into account difficulty levels to ensure you master the necessary skills to get to your target score.
Do you offer essay grading?
Yes, our Question Evaluation service allows you to submit any Essay response for a detailed analysis for an extra fee. We also offer writing assistance via live chat or email.Click here for more info

TOEFL® Speaking & Writing Response Evaluation

Get your Speaking and Writing responses evaluated by an expert TOEFL® educator.

TOEFL® Response Evaluation

  • If you have Pro access, you will get 3 Review Credits that can be used towards evaluation your speaking and/or writing responses.
  • If you want to obtain more Review Credits you can purchase them from within your account.
  • Obtain a complete evaluation within 2 business days.


  • An account with Zinkerz Pro access.
  • Review Credits to submit your response. You get 3 Review Credits included when you upgrade your account to Zinkerz Pro.
  • Speaking Response: 1 credit
  • Writing Response: 2 credits

What you get

  • A score based on the TOEFL® standards
  • The exact reasons you are not getting a great score on your TOEFL® Speaking or Writing
  • The specific weaknesses you must fix before you can take the TOEFL® again
  • You will understand what TOEFL® examiners are expecting from your response
  • A personalized recommendation on how to prepare and what to do to increase your score
Questions? Contact us through live chat, email, or call us!
Do you have mobile access?
Yes, you can access our mobile app on iOS and Android.
Which types of payments do you accept?
We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We process our payments via Paypal, so we do not keep any credit card information.
How many times will I be charged?
Only once! We do not keep your credit card information since this is not a subscription service. Only one payment and that’s it.
Do I need to have taken the test before?
No, our tools are designed to help both first-timers and repeaters. Our lessons start from the very beginning to teach you everything you need to know about the TOEFL. So if you are ready, go ahead and sign up!
Do you have resources for educators?
Yes, visit our Educators page to learn more.

Not enough? Try Live Prep.

Our expert educators are ready to prepare you for the test.

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