Skyrocket Your Child's Test Scores and Unlock 100% College Acceptance Rate

Zinkerz offers live, online 1-on-1 tutoring, expert college counseling, and data-driven progress to unlock your child’s full potential. With 100% acceptance rate into top 3 colleges, average score boosts of 200 points on SAT and 6 points on ACT, your child’s journey to academic excellence starts here.

Unparalleled Results

Average score boosts of 200 points on SAT and 6 points on ACT

100% Acceptance Rate

Zinkerz students achieve 100% acceptance rate of gaining admission to at least 1 of their top 3 choices

Expert Guidance

Our dedicated tutors and college counselors share a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of combined experience


What makes Zinkerz stand out in college admissions?

Zinkerz boasts a 100% success rate of gaining admission to at least one of the top three college choices. Our students have been accepted into prestigious institutions like Yale, Washington University, NYU, Duke, Cornell, USC, and more. We offer personalized test prep and expert counseling to present students in the best possible light to admissions committees.

How effective is Zinkerz test prep?

Zinkerz’ approach delivers impressive results, with an average score boost of 200 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT. Our data-driven progress tracking and targeted guidance ensure continuous improvement, preparing students for success on test day.

Is Zinkerz accessible to international students?

Absolutely. Zinkerz has a legacy of success spanning 105 countries. Our virtual platform allows us to support students globally, helping them navigate the college admissions process and achieve acceptance into their top-choice universities.

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