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What Makes Our Program so Effective?

Score Diagnosis

The key to score improvement is understanding your specific strengths and weaknesses. That’s why our students take a comprehensive diagnostic test when they begin our tutoring program that identifies the precise concepts students need to work on.

Targeted Sessions

In each session, students work one-on-one with their own educator to advance their understanding of key concept as well as develop the necessary skills to overcome each of the identified weaknesses.

Realistic Practice

The most effective way to prepare for a test is by using material that closely aligns with the official test format. Our expert content writers design all of our prep material to mirror what students will see on test day. This way, come test day, students will be prepared for the real exam.

Performance Monitoring

Students and families are given weekly progress reports and score prediction tools to understand exactly how the student is progressing towards their goal. In addition, our academic advisor are always available to answer any questions or offer consultation on student’s prep timeline and score goals.

Personalized Plans

In addition to our diagnostic test, each one of our students meets individually with our education counselors to discuss their goals for test preparation and beyond. From there, we develop a unique personalized plan to help the student improve their weaknesses and harness their strengths. This process informs the path each student will take through our program, and ensures the student is getting the curriculum they need to improve.

Experienced Educators

Our students work with educators who are selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates. Each of our tutors are graduates from top US universities, and are trained in the most effective online teaching methods. But, most importantly, our tutors are kind, patient individuals who will put in the extra work to ensure each student excels.

Your Personal Educator. Anywhere.

Connect with your educator through our virtual classroom anywhere in the world. With all the tools you need in one place, online learning has never been this simple.

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Synchronized Activity

Plus the ability to manage
your lessons, schedule and billing

Who are our Educators?

Our educators are carefully selected based on their teaching experience and ability to relate to students. Each of them is trained to understand that learning is not a "one-size-fits-all" endeavor, which allows them to adapt their lessons to the individual need of the student.


Our one-to-one class setting allows educators to focus in on each student’s individual strengths and weakness, and adapt lessons to meet their needs.


Our educators understand that, to keep students engaged, lessons need to spark their interest and compel them to explore new ideas.


Learning isn’t always easy, which is why we bring on educators who are patient and motivated to help their students succeed.


Our philosophy is that smart study plans allow students to succeed. Keeping this in mind, we adapt each course to best suit the student’s learning style and schedule.

Live Prep

Our Live Prep service offers you personalized and affordable online lessons with our expert educators. Each session is fueled by our adaptive, data-driven content and is tailored to your specific strengths, difficulty levels, and study habits. Let our team fit your own schedule, anytime, anywhere.


Zinkerz helped me prepare for my AP exams; their programs gave me confidence and made me grow as a student. Zinkerz offers a variety of courses with very unique instructors, whose main goal is your success. Thanks Zinkerz!

Shana Z, Zinkerz AP Student

The educators are very fun and professional. They helped me prepare for the SAT and made sure I was doing my work. I love that their team is in constant contact with me to make sure that I won’t fall behind.

David. L, Zinkerz SAT Student

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