Dream Learn Grow

Dream Learn Grow

As the world of education and test-preparation continues to rapidly shift and transform, Zinkerz too seeks to constantly evolve in order to reflect the ever transmuting needs of our students. This year, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to reconnect with our commitment to providing each and every one of our students with a unique learning experience. Taking into consideration our values and objectives when it comes to how we can best help students reach their academic aspirations, we were able to more concretely visualize our aim as a company: devoting ourselves to helping our students Dream, Learn and Grow, and empower them to Rise to their Potential.

While we as a company have evolved drastically since our origin, one thing has remained consistent throughout the years: our mission. We seek to open up opportunities to students throughout the globe, and allow them to seize their full potential and discover both who they want to be and who they can be. At Zinkerz we realize there are no “one size fits all” solutions when it comes to education. Each student that comes to us brings their own needs and styles of learning that is unique to them. Our goal is to figure out what inspires our students, and drives them to succeed. By harnessing that energy, we aim to provide a unique, tailor-made experience that will catapult our students down the road toward achieving their ambitions. 


This is far from the end of Zinkerz’s journey toward helping our students become their best selves. As the face of education and our students’ needs change, we’re committed to adapting to embrace those changes. We’re continuing to grow and explore more ways that we can offer the best possible educational experience to our students. No matter how much we continue to transform as a company, we’re excited to be taking this journey alongside our students, helping them rise to their potential every step of the way. 

Those who have not been with Zinkerz since its inception may be surprised to discover just how much we’ve expanded since our launch in 2013. In the beginning, the creators of Zinkerz started with a simple goal: to extend access to education worldwide. Initially, there was only a self-guided test preparation app, designed to help students both abroad and in the United States fully prepare themselves for the rigors of standardized testing. Aimed at individualizing study experiences through our unique algorithm, our app allowed students to successfully prepare for the SAT, ACT and TOEFL by evaluating each user’s needs and catering the experience accordingly. Before long, more and more students were utilizing the app to hone their test-taking abilities and achieve their desired test scores. 


Accompanying this app, we expanded our college counseling services. Through our hands-on and individualized approach to college counseling, we have been able to guide our students from the very beginning of their application journey, suggesting schools that will allow them to fulfill their ambitions, advising them on their applications, and helping them organize dates for both college visits and standardized tests. This service continues to enable us to assist our students through every step of the application process, until the moment they hold that long-awaited acceptance letter in their hands.


Before long, we realized that there were even wider gaps to fill in the world of education and test preparation, and that Zinkerz had outgrown the limitations that a singular app provides. While our individualized content had successfully helped countless students achieve their educational goals, we realized that there was more that we could do to help them continue to push beyond their limitations. It quickly became clear that, beyond comprehensive study material, what our students truly needed was an additional layer of individual attention based on their unique situations. By launching targeted lessons and courses with our education experts, we were able to offer students the opportunity to have one-on-one live lessons to further their academic prowess. Conducting regular check-ins with course material allowed our team to begin tracking student progress, ensuring that we as a company were providing the best possible experience for each of our students. The creation of our support line further provided us with a way of offering quick, direct, and personalized attention to our students. 


Over time, our team has grown to consist of academic coordinators, an expanded team of college counselors, expert educators in a wide swath of subjects, and experienced tech gurus. Together, we aim to expertly guide students through their educational pursuits, and empower them to excel. Our tech team is constantly striving to tweak and improve our students’ user experience, as shown by our newly improved and updated website and platform. Beyond our original standardized test prep offerings, we now offer multiple AP courses, fundamentals courses, homework help classes, coding courses, and beyond. Our student base has also expanded, now ranging from elementary school to middle school, high school, college students, and those seeking to enter graduate school. Additionally, our biannual Zinkerz Camp gives participating students the opportunity to both intensively prepare for standardized testing through rigorous class sessions and to build lasting friendships, all while exploring the historic city of Boston through college tours and excursions.

To us, “Dream, Learn, Grow” and “Rise to Your Potential” are more than just words: they are representative of our passion to empower our students to be free from limitations. Our goal is to foster the dreams of our students, and equip them with the tools necessary to thrive and flourish. We aim to always be able to answer the needs of our students with a resounding “yes”, and offer every possible opportunity for them to prosper. We are here to open doors and support them in every way possible on their journey to success. 

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